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Navy Blue Hand-stitched Apple Watch Leather Cuff

Navy Blue Hand-stitched Apple Watch Leather Cuff

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Navy blue hand-stitched Apple watch leather cuff with OPTION for silver, gold, rose gold, space gray or black hardware.

This band has light blue stitching. The leather is soft with a faint grain. The inside of the band has a soft feel to it. So luxurious!

It has a cut-out on the back of the watch to ensure the heart rate sensor remains in contact with the wrist. There are three separate pieces that connect to each other and to the watch.

Very easy to attach. No tools necessary.

Only the band is for sale; it does not include the Apple watch.


42mm or 38mm

The adapters fit the Apple Watch I, 2, 3 and the Apple Watch Sport.



Silver Adapter with Silver Buckle

This cuff only comes with silver hardware.  If you are looking for other hardware colors, please see the other cuff offerings.