The Best Apple Watch Gift Ideas for Him… and Her!

 Holiday Gift from Juxli Home Premium Apple Watch Bands


It’s that time of year when we all struggle to come up with holiday gift ideas for our loved ones. If your partner has an Apple Watch, a thoughtful, personalized gift could be just the ticket, thanks to the huge selection of elegant, dressy, and luxury watch bands for every situation

It’s stylish, it’s packed with the latest smart features, and it’s highly customizable; the Apple Watch 5 is undeniably the smartwatch to own this season. Who doesn’t love the idea of having custom Apple Watch bands to fit every mood and outfit?

Luckily for us, there are a ton of high-quality Apple Watch accessories on the market today – both from Apple and third-party brands – which means that this is the ultimate watch for anyone who wants to look sharp.

Here at Juxli Home, we’re obsessed with creating signature Apple Watch styles. With the holidays coming rapidly, we’ve made a quick shortlist of the very best personalized Apple Watch gifts for him – and for her!

Our Pick of the Best Apple Watch Bands: High-End for your Partner

If your partner is a lover of the finer things in life, then there’s no surprise that they’re already showing off the latest Apple Watch 5 on their wrist. If you really want to splash out and get a designer Apple Watch band, then the Hermès Apple Watch band is the high-end Apple Watch band out there with a ton of choice – however, you might break the bank.

Why spend for the name when you can get something just as gorgeous for a fraction of the price? We love this luxury Apple Watch band, which oozes a class of its own – and pairs delightfully with the Apple Watch 5 Gold edition.

If your boyfriend is a self-confessed geek, then there is a rich choice of custom Apple Watch bands out there that make for a great personalized geek chic gift – including some high-end watch bands that add a burst of character against boring work dress codes.

Our Pick of the Best Apple Watch Bands: Luxury for Mom and Dad

The baby boomer generation might not seem like the obvious candidate for Apple Watch ownership – but Mom and Dad are more likely than ever to sport this tech on their wrists, thanks to Apple’s Health app.

Dads will love the old-school design and feel of the black leather Apple Watch band – and when it comes to Christmas gifts for Mom, there is a huge choice of elegant Apple Watch bands available – perfect for pairing with her rose gold smartwatch!

We’re also in love with the blush rose double wrap, a luxury Apple Watch band that has just the right amount of understated detail combined with class that’s a great way to say, “thanks for everything!”

Our Pick of the Best Apple Watch Bands: Dressy Fashion for Your BBF

We’ve all got that ditzy friend who somehow always seems to be right on top of the latest trends. Just what can you buy for someone who has always already been there, done that, and got the t-shirts and cute little dress?

Luckily, the huge variety in Apple Watch straps means that there are plenty of unique, on-trend styles available, making it easy to find something she’ll love. Better yet, because the market is always changing, you’ll finally find something she hasn’t seen before.

Why stop at watch bands? There’s a whole world of gorgeous accessories like bracelets, making Christmas gift ideas for her easier than ever. The effortless ability to mix, match, and swap out styles makes it easy to create a custom gift that lets your BFF’s style shine through – after all, who wouldn’t love the elegant sage gray double wrap band?

What Is Your Pick for the Best Apple Watch Gifts This Christmas?

The Apple Watch is so much more than a tech gift for your boyfriend – thanks to the huge variety of customization options available for the timepiece, there really is something for everyone packed into this device.

With so many styles, straps, accessories, and even watch faces available, it was incredibly difficult to pick out our favorites – and some of these only won by a hair’s breadth (who doesn’t want the ivory leather cuff, after all?).

Over to you – do you have a friend or family member with an Apple Watch? If so, what accessories and related gifts would you pick for them and why? Whether it’s your BFF or your Mom, share your ideas with the community to make gift-giving in the upcoming holiday season easier for everyone!