About Us

At Juxli Home, we are delighted with the marriage of high tech with leather craftsmanship and are proud to offer premium handmade leather straps for the Apple Watch.  We use the highest quality leather and hardware and obsess over presenting the most beautiful band colors.  Our bands are stylish, durable and created with meticulous care.  We hope that you find statement pieces that not only express who you are, but that make you feel happy about your purchase for years to come. 

We encourage you to reach out to us.  We care about our customers and are available to give you individualized attention regarding fit, band styles or any questions you may have about your purchase. 

We are based in Los Angeles and ship worldwide.  We are no longer on Etsy.  To reach us, please use the Contact Us form or e-mail us directly at juxlihome@gmail.com.