What to Expect from the Apple Watch Series 4

It’s hard to avoid exposure to the trends of today and the Apple Watch is one of the latest products to revolutionize our daily life, and not to mention one of the biggest technological advances we can wear. These watches created a constant and convenient way to stay up to date, right on your wrist! It’s a tempting item to invest in. 

What’s the Current Apple Watch Series and Its Features?

The Series 4 Apple Watch came out in September, 2018. This watch has so many upgrades that you’ll be wondering what else this company could add to such a small device with such amazing features, especially with regards to health and fitness. People are raving about this stylish product you can wear that includes features like tracking your heart rate and automatic workout detection. This watch is meant to have a familiar functionality to previous Apple Watch owners, but still completely redesigned in order to be the best and most attractive piece of technology you can wear.

What Similarities Do All the Series Have Compared to the Series 4?

This series has the largest display but same band sizing, our customers will be happy to hear you can still show off your favorite band from Juxli Home! These luxury bands will show off this new screen display in style. All styles and colors will still give you room to express your personality, all while up to date on the latest technology.

The larger display and new health tracking features make it the best smart watch out there. The hardware was redesigned with a new case and new screen size. 

What’s Next for Apple?

As for the rumors of the Series 5, if you’ve paid attention to Apple release dates, they have announced every series, every year, since the original, in September. We can only hope to hear more rumors flying around about the updates and comparisons in the coming months! 

What Have You Heard?